Leonardo Guidoni (Univaq)
Hands on tutorial lead by Experts from IBM

The present short course is a joint PhD course between the PhD in Mathematics and Models and the PhD in Informatics. The aim of the short course is to provide to students with background in mathematics and informatics the foundation of quantum computation. The course will consist of theoretical lectures as well as hands-on tutorial lead by the Quantum Computing experts from IBM-Italia.

Arguments: General overview on quantum computation. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Qubits. Quantum circuits and algorithms. Single and double Qubit gates with examples. Present and future applications. Perspective of quantum computation and practical implementation of algorithms on the IBM-Q quantum computer and simulator.


Lectures (14 hours):
January 22nd 11.00-13.00
January 29th 11.00-13.00
February 5th 11.00-13.00
February 12th 11.00-13.00
February 19th 11.00-13.00 IBM hands-on tutorial
February 26th 11.00-13.00 + 14.30-16.30 IBM hands-on tutorial

Course on Introduction to Quantum Computing