Abstract: This seminar will describe the Coca4ai project which plans to build multi-scale models to measure the environmental impact of different scales of a data center: algorithm iteration, user, node, and entire infrastructure. Energy consumption measurements will come from precise external energy meters, integrated computer sensors as well as data from installations such as the cooling system. The application context will be centered on the LabIA cluster which contains 12 stations dedicated to AI and is used by 5 other laboratories. The data collected will help identify new opportunities applicable to other large data centers. Finally, an important objective will be to impact the behavior of data scientists through awareness of the energy they use and the impact they have on the environment.

Speaker: Paul Gay.
Currently a researcher at the LISN on AI carbon footprint, Paul Gay obtained his PhD from “Universit√© du Maine” and worked on various topics around Multimedia Indexing such as audio-visual person identification, visual scene graph construction, and social network analysis on environmental topics

When: Monday, November 27th, 3:00 pm
Where: room C1.16, Coppito 2

[SEMINAR] Integrating environmental impact of AI in a data center