PhD courses have a duration of three years and the admission to doctoral research courses is done by a public selection. An adequate broadcasting of the acts of the exams is ensured on the website The PhD courses are open, regardless of age and citizenship limitations to those who are graduated in Italy, those who are going to graduate within the maximum term of 31 October of the same year and those who are graduated in foreign universities (the equivalence of the degree abroad will be determined by the PhD selection committee). Each doctoral course provides a single mode of candidates selection, based on the evaluation of qualifications, supplemented by the evaluation of the proposed research projects and / or on the conduct of a written test and / or an oral test or a combination choice between these modes. In the call, access criteria, assessment of qualifications and of the tests are detailed. Admission tests may be performed in foreign language different from the Italian one, even with the help of informatics and electronics tools, suitable to verify the identity of the candidate. For further information please refer to the Rules of procedures document and to the website of the university at the following links:

Research Doctorates

(XXXV Cycle – Announcements, assessment committees, ranking)