The PhD Program in ICT offers a graduate school of excellence around the major topics in Information and Communication Technology, with particular emphasis on “pervasive ICT infrastructures”. The program is open to national and international students. The goal of the PhD Program is to provide a flexible and stimulating environment for enabling effective connection/integration between academic curricula and industry needs. In particular, the goals of the program are:

  • Strengthening education and research capabilities in ICT along the lines of the European Research and Higher Education Area document;
  • Creating an environment that encourages and supports entrepreneurial activities;
  • Leveraging the research and educational strengths in L’Aquila.

We offer a set of interdisciplinary education that includes:

  • networked embedded systems and control (modeling, analysis and control of complex distributed systems, large-scale systems and hybrid systems, cyber physical systems, internet of things and systems of systems);
  • communication and networking technologies (wireless communication and software defined radio, cognitive radios, heterogeneous networks and service platforms);
  • new generation computing at both architecture (cloud computing, web 2.0) and content (computational complexity, advanced algorithms and data structures, mathematics of optimization) levels;
  • advanced software engineering (model-based service-oriented development, run-time verification/monitoring);
  • devices (microelectronics and IC design, programmable HW and HW/SW co-design, MEMS).

The PhD Program curricula balance theory, experimentation and practice to create an environment for learning and for new entrepreneurial activity opportunities. The presence in L’Aquila of the Center of Excellence DEWS , of the Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics DISIM, and of a branch of the European Embedded Control Institute, provides a strong support for defining the scientific directions of the program as well as a link to companies in the industrial segment of interest.

The PhD Program in ICT is organized along the following curricula: (By visiting each curriculum it is possible to see all the research areas):