Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering

At the department, education is conducted in the subjects of computer engineering, electronics, electrical engineering and sound production. The research at the department takes place at the research center Sensible Things that Communicate ( and deals with sensor-based systems and services for use within the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.


We are pleased to offer an international PhD position at the Research Center STC (Sensible Things that Communicate,, Mid Sweden University, in collaboration with the University of ’’Aquila, Italy ( and industry partner LumenRadio, Sweden ( This position focuses on developing innovative design and analysis of medium access and scheduling schemes to make the performance of wireless networks reliable and predictable. In the end, the candidate is expected to apply theoretical knowledge of statistical learning, machine learning, and reliability theory for capturing radio network dynamics. This research is part of ongoing research and development projects to ensure deterministic performance of wireless IoT standards, it can either be low-power IoT, wireless mesh networks, or cellular IoT, for vertical industries. 

This program offers the opportunity to receive a double degree from both Mid Sweden University and the University of L’Aquila, thus broadening your international research network and future career prospects. Further, you will collaborate with leading experts in the field, and engage in impactful industry projects with LumenRadio, Sweden. This unique combination of academic and industrial exposure will equip you with the skills and expertise sought by academia and industry.

The successful candidate will spend the first year of studies at the University of L’Aquila followed by three years at Mid Sweden University while taking research visits to Univaq. The partners feature a dynamic and international atmosphere, and the candidate will actively collaborate with other researchers within the respective research groups as well as other external partners in academia and industry.


Job description

As a Ph.D. candidate, your main task is to pursue research and graduate studies. You will collaborate closely with researchers at Mid Sweden University, University of L’Aquila, and LumenRadio. The position includes 100% research. The candidate is expected to pursue theoretical and experimental research.

Requirements and assessment

To be considered for a PhD position, the applicant must meet the entry requirements for admission to Mid Sweden University´s third-cycle programme. To meet the entry requirements, the applicant must have a second-cycle degree or have completed at least 240 ETCS credits of which at least 60 credits should be second-cycle courses. An additional requirement is that 90 credits of the 240 total must consist of courses in Computer Engineering or Computer and Information Engineering. The applicant is also eligible for consideration if s/he has acquired the corresponding knowledge in some other way. A Master of Science degree in wireless communication, electrical engineering, signal processing, computer engineering, or engineering physics is an appropriate background for employment.

In addition to the formal qualifications, selection is also based on other works (e.g., thesis), advanced-level courses, and interviews of applicants. A strong background in wireless communication, mathematics, optimization, signal processing, and programming is preferable. Previous experience in communication systems, machine learning (ML), real-time embedded systems and programming in C/C++, or Python is meritorious. Fluent written and oral communication in English is mandatory. Personal qualities such as the ability to collaborate, take initiatives, and suitability for doctoral studies will be weighed together with the formal subject knowledge. A brief description of the applicant’s visions and goals must be included in the application.


Personal characteristics

Personal qualities such as cooperativeness, initiative and suitability for postgraduate training will be considered together with the formal knowledge of the subject.

Employment process

Processing of the appointment will comply with the provisions in Chapter 5 of the Higher Education Ordinance, and will be carried out in accordance with Mid Sweden University’s Employment Procedures.


Terms of employment

The PhD position refers to employment corresponding to four years of full-time studies, which are estimated to lead up to a doctoral degree.

A new position as a doctoral student is initially valid for a maximum of one year, and the position may then be renewed for a maximum of two years at a time. Provisions concerning employment as a doctoral student are contained in the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100), Chapter 5, Sections 1-7.

Place of employment: First year in L’Aquila, Italy and years 2-4 in Sundsvall with research visits to L’Aquila. During your initial year in Italy, you will work under conditions given at the University of L’Aquila and thus be on leave from Mid-Sweden University.

Entry: According to agreement.

For further information, please contact Prof. Mikael Gidlund (Head of Research, Mid Sweden University,, Prof. Fortunato Santucci (Head of Research, University of L’Aquila,, Prof. Guido Proietti (Head of Department, University of L’Aquila,, or Dr. Patrik Österberg (Head of Department, Mid Sweden University,, phone +46 60 148614.)

Salary: According to the Mid Sweden University salary scale for PhD students.



Application documents must be submitted in Swedish or English.

The application should include a verified CV, copies of official transcripts and degree certificates, description of objectives according to the above as well as other documents the applicant would like to refer to. Please welcome to apply through our recruitment tool no later than November 7st, 2023.

Mid Sweden University works actively for equal opportunities and strives to embrace the qualities that diversity and equality bring to the organization.


Mid Sweden University has two campuses; in Sundsvall and in Östersund, both located close to students, colleagues and the surrounding society. At the same time, it is located conveniently close to the sea, forests and mountains, which provides a great quality of life. Here, new knowledge is created by means of internationally successful research and education that contribute to the development of our society. This way, we actively contribute to a sustainable future and a better world. Welcome to a university where people meet, get inspired and think in new ways.  Mid Sweden University works actively for equal opportunities and strives to embrace the qualities that diversity and equality bring to the organization. Prior to any recruitment work, Mid Sweden University has taken a position on consulting support, recruitment channels and marketing. We therefore kindly ask media vendors, recruitment sites and the like not to contact us.

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    Full time

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    According to agreement

  • Salary

    According to Mid Sweden University’s salary scale for doctoral students

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    Västernorrlands län

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    MIUN 2023/2397

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    1. Ummis Jonsson, SACO, 010-1428809
    2. Per Bergman, Fackförbundet ST, 010-1428371
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