Speaker: Roberto Civino, PhD (DISIM Dept. UnivAQ)
Location: Seminar Room of Alan Turing building (Coppito 0)
Date: Wednesday, November 22, 11:30-12:30 AM

Abstract: This introductory talk marks the beginning of the seminar series on cybersecurity organized by ExEmerge, focusing on cybersecurity and more specifically on cryptography and post-quantum cryptographic systems in its initial part.
The first session delves into classical security notions that form the foundation of contemporary public-key cryptosystems. Various paradigms, attacker capabilities, and the relationships between them will be explored. The discussion will center around two key attack scenarios: CPA (Chosen-Plaintext Attack) and CCA (Chosen-Ciphertext Attack). An exploration of these scenarios will provide insights into the vulnerabilities that cryptosystems aim to mitigate. Additionally, the presentation will draw a comparison between the traditional public-key hybrid construction and the more contemporary Key Encapsulation Mechanism (KEM) paradigm. Furthermore, the talk will show how to achieve CCA security in a KEM by initially establishing CPA security.

[SEMINAR] Classic security notions in modern public-key settings