The summer school “Beyond 5G Communications” will be held on September 12-14, 2016 in Livorno, Italy.

Target audience: PhD students and young researchers working in the field of ICT are warmly invited to attend the Summer School incorporated into the TIW16.

Abstract: Today, cellular networks stakeholders are ramping up their activities on “5G”; and, as for previous generations of cellular systems, we witness an ongoing vibrant discussion to examine new ways to plan, deploy, and manage cellular and wireless networks for improving coverage, boosting the network’s capacity, and reducing the deployment and maintenance costs. 5G promises radically higher capacity and lower latency, which will enable virtual-reality, tactile internet, and control of vehicles in real time. Whilst the actual architecture and technologies that will make 5G are still unspecified to a large extent, researchers are already investigating a number of topics that qualify as “Beyond 5G” or B5G like massive cooperation, infrastructureless device-to-device networking, physical security, and so on.

For more info:

TIW16 Summer School on Beyond 5G Communications

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