Seminars on PhD research activities: Monitoring actions on cyber-physical systems.

PhD Student: Giacomo Valente

Time: Thursday, May 26, 15:00PM

Location: Room A1.4 (Coppito, Blocco 0)

Title: Monitoring actions on cyber-physical systems

Abstract: Today there is a growing interest toward technologies able to support the development of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). CPS are heterogeneous systems and are generally characterized by functional and non-functional requirements. An example is the video elaboration in a camera network: in such a scenario, one of the challenges is the decentralization of video elaboration, so designers have to be aware about functional algorithms executed near the camera itself, taking into account execution time and power dissipation. In this case, monitoring actions can help the designer in different phases: first, to support the hardware/software partitioning for the algorithm execution. Second, monitoring actions are involved in the runtime system management and adaptation, with respect to different inputs. Third, monitoring actions are used to perform an extended system debugging, even during its lifetime. In this talk, the development of a framework that supports the selection of hardware/software monitoring network for CPS is presented, focusing on critical research points and open problems.

The talk is part of a series of seminars given by PhD students on ICT of our University, presenting their ongoing research activities in the area of telecommunications.

The goal of the seminars is to provide an overview on ongoing research activities, highlight common interests and explore emerging possibilities for collaboration between different research areas.

Seminars on PhD research activities: Monitoring actions on cyber-physical systems

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