In the framework of the Erasmus+ bilateral agreement between our Department and the University “Stefan cel Mare” of Suceava (Romania), Prof. Adina Barila and Prof. Mirela Danubianu are visiting our department this week (22–25 May).
Speaker: Prof. Adina Barila
Affiliation: University “Stefan cel Mare” of Suceava, Romania.

Date:  Thursday, 24th May 2018
Time:  10.15
Place: Seminar Room, “Alan Turing” building

Title: From classical computing to quantum computing

Quantum computing  is a new field of science which uses quantum phenomena to perform operations on data. The goal of quantum computing is to find algorithms that are considerably faster than classical algorithms solving the same problem. The talk represents an introduction to quantum computing field. It presents the basic concepts (qubits, quantum registers, measurement, quantum gates) and some quantum algorithms (Deutsch, Grover, Simon). The last part introduces the quantum walk concept (the quantum equivalent of the classical random walk) and a quantum circuit for quantum walks on the hypercube.

Seminar “From classical computing to quantum computing “

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