Also this year, CINECA is pleased to announce the third edition of the “HPC and Quantum Computing” workshop.
Due to the pandemic that is afflicting the whole world, this year the event will be an online edition, completely free as always.

The event will take place on Thursday 15 December, from morning (9:00) to evening (18:00).

The virtual conference hall that will host the event has yet to be precisely decided, but the choice will most likely fall on platforms such as Teams or Zoom.

If you want to share your quantum computing achievements to a large audience of online viewers or you are a company that works in the field of quantum computing and you want to introduce yourself to the Italian public, you are warmly invited to propose a talk. All the slots are avaiable until the end of our time! We will choose talks using arrival order and relevance to the covered topics. All interventions must be in English. Your intervention can take place in two ways: live or recorded.

For those who are not too experienced in online conferences, I will briefly explain how they work. There will be three main figures: the producer (which will most likely be me and/or professor Prati), the speaker (all those who will give a talk) and the audience. The producer manages everything: it is he who, following a set schedule, will hand over the speak permissions to all the speakers in the hall. The public will have no power of speech, but will be able to ask questions to the speakers through the use of a Q&A platform. For his part, the speaker will moderate and answer the questions he deems most appropriate, interacting with the same platform. In this regard, if you opt for a live intervention, I strongly suggest you find an “assistant” to help you in moderating the questions while you are talking. If you decide to record your speech, however, just press “play” when the producer will pass the word and pay attention to the Q&A tab. Don’t go afk (away from keyboard) during your speech, it is very important!

If you want to participate in the event you can send an email to me ( or to Professor Enrico Prati ( containing the title and abstract of your speech by the end of this month (deadline: 20/11/2020). After receiving your requests, we will create a schedule that will respects every single intervention. You will be notified how much time you will have available to tell what is summarized in your abstract. Keep in mind that no talks will go under 15 minutes, nor above 25.

CINECA “HPC and Quantum Computing – third edition”: Talk submission invitation

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