Doctoral Program in


July 21, 2017
Meeting Room (2nd floor) – Alan Turing Building (Blocco 0) – Coppito, L’Aquila
XXIX Cycle


11:00 – Giovanni Domenico Di Girolamo 

“Co-design of controllers and information flows in networked control systems”. Advisor: Prof. M.D. Di Benedetto, Co-Advisor: Prof. A. D’Innocenzo

11:45 – Gabriella Fiore

“Secure state estimation for Cyber-Physical Systems”. Advisor: Prof. M.D. Di Benedetto, Co-Advisor: Prof. E. De Santis

12:30 – Francesco Basciani

“Mining and Enhancing MDE Repositories”. Advisor: Prof. A. Pierantonio

13:15 – Elena Cinque

“Mobile and Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks: Analysis and Testing in a Heterogeneous Environment”. Advisor: Prof. M. Pratesi, Co-Advisor: Prof. F. Santucci

Dissertation Defense – PhD Program in ICT, XXIX Cycle

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