Speaker: Gianfranco Ciccarella (consultant on Telecommunication Strategy, IP Services and IP Networks)
When: June 26, 2018 — 10:30 am
Where: Meeting room (Alan Turing building)
Title: Telecommunications Services and Network Architecture Evolution

Abstract: The Telecommunications Industry scenario to date, the main drivers for the transformation and the target architecture for application services (the  services “used” by End Users) and network services (the services that provide the connectivity, i.e. the transport of the IP packets) are presented.
The focus is on
• why a disruptive Telecommunications Industry transformation is needed
• the main Telecommunications Industry issues (Time to Market, Total Cost of Ownership, application services performance and Ultra Broad Band monetization)
• how to address the Telecommunications Industry issues
• the application and network services target architecture.
The target scenario is
• All IP: one single IP Telecommunications Network  able to provide the performance required by any application service
• Edge Cloud Computing based: application services, content delivery and network functions/services are executed in ‘Telco Data Centers’ distributed over different layers: core, regional and edge (i.e. central office or Cloud Radio Access Network).
Edge Cloud Computing, as reported in ETSI, GPP and GSMA documents, celebrates first successes and is able to provide
• quality improvements (i.e. technical KPIs improvement), that enable new revenues
• cost savings, in many cases, for services and network costs
due to the distribution ‘near’ the end users (i.e. as deep into the network as needed by services requirements and cost saving opportunities) of
• some of the IP Edge functionalities. The distribution of IP Edge functionalities enables the distribution of services, applications and content delivery platforms.
• services, applications, contents and content delivery platforms.
Distribution technologies (NFV and Cloud) are available, however many challenges have still to be addressed to solve the main issues related to the Telecommunication Industry vision on services and network.
Some comments on this points are presented.
Data on application performance improvement and network TCO saving provided by the the target architecture are also given.

Gianfranco Ciccarella is a former Associate Professor at University of L’Aquila and a brillian consultant on Telecommunication Strategy, IP Services and IP Networks. This will be a great chance to gain a new perspective on Telecommunication Network Architectures, especially considering the ongoing activities that involve our university such as the Italian 5G trial and the INCIPICT and EMERGE research projects.


Seminar “Telecommunications Services and Network Architecture Evolution”

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