Wednesday, May 18, 2016, 14:30, Prof. Dario PIGA (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca) will give the following seminar:

Robust and probabilistic D-stability analysis of uncertain polynomial matrices.

Abstract. In the seminar,  a novel approach to verify robust D-stability of a class of uncertain matrices will be presented. Specifically, the entries of the considered uncertain matrices depend polynomially on some parameters, which  belong to a bounded uncertainty set, not necessarily convex. The only assumption on the stability region is that its complement is a semialgebraic set described by polynomial constraints, which comprises the main important cases in robust stability analysis, like Hurwitz and Schur stability. Furthermore, the D-stability analysis problem is also formulated in a probabilistic framework. In this context, the uncertain parameters characterizing the considered family of matrices are described by a set of non a priori specified probability measures. Only the support and some of the moments (e.g., expected values) are assumed to be known and, among all possible probability measures, the one which provides the minimum probability of D-stability is computed. The robust and the probabilistic D-stability analysis problems are formulated in a unified framework, and relaxations based on the theory of moments and sum-of-squares decomposition are used to solve the D-stability analysis problem through convex optimization. Application to robustness and probabilistic analysis of dynamical systems will be discussed.

Time: Wednesday, May 18, 2016, 14:30
Location: Meeting Room (2nd floor) – Alan Turing Building (Blocco 0)

For more info: Dario Piga seminar

Seminar on Robust and probabilistic D-stability analysis of uncertain polynomial matrices

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