Friday, December 20, at 2:30pm, Gigliola Staffilani from Massachusetts Institute of Technology will give a seminar in the Main Lecture Hall at GSSI.
Please feel free to forward this announcement to any interested people.
Date and time: Dec 20, 2:30pm
Place: MLH
Speaker: Gigliola Staffilani (MIT,
Title: Some results on the almost everywhere convergence of the Schrodinger flow.
Abstract: In this work we are concerned with the question of almost everywhere convergence of the nonlinear Schrodinger flow in both the continuous and the periodic case. We will review the extraordinary progress made in the continuous and linear case and we will illustrate some progress recently made in the nonlinear case using both a deterministic and a probabilistic approach. Part of this lecture is joint work with  E. Compaan and R. Lucà.
Seminar from Gigliola Staffilani – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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