Speaker: Dr. Antonio M. Mora García
When:  Wednesday, October 18th 2017 — 2:30pm
Where: Meeting room, Alan Turing building (Coppito 0).
Title: Bioinspired Machine Learning

Abstract: Algorithms inspired by nature compose a branch of Computational Intelligence which have been very successful on the resolution of many different kind of problems. They simulate natural rules based on physics or chemistry, but the most extended methods are those which model the behavior of natural agents, such as insects, birds, or even humans. In this seminar, Dr. Antonio Mora from the University of Granada (Spain) will talk about his works on the application of metaheuristics inspired by different biological agents to address very different real-world problems. These include sleep stages diseases, multi-objective TSP, autonomous agents in videogames, or (pacific) pathfinding in military battlefields.

Short Bio:  Dr. Antonio M. Mora García got his PhD in Computer Sciences in 2009 at the University of Granada (Spain), where he also previously got his Degree in 2001. Currently he is working as a researcher at the Computer Architecture and Technology Department at the same university.  He has published more than 20 JCR papers in international journals and more than 70 papers in top-rated international conferences (CORE A or CORE B). His working areas include Ant Colony Optimization metaheuristic, Artificial Neural Networks, Multi-Objective Optimization and Genetic Algorithms; and their applications to real problems of data mining and machine learning. In the last seven years he has focused on Computational Intelligence in Video Games, mainly in the topics of puzzle analysis and resolution, NPCs’ artificial intelligence, human-like behaviour, and automatic generation of contents for games.

Seminar “Bioinspired Machine Learning”

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