Visiting Professor Julie Dugdale,
HAwAI research group (Human Aware Artificial Intelligence),
Università di Grenoble.

Quando: Mercoledì 16 Ottobre, 11:30

Dove: Sala Seminari, II piano, edificio Alan Turing

This seminar looks at how human behaviours can be simulated in a computational model for the purpose of designing new technologies or procedures. The seminar begins with a short introduction to area of Agent-based Social Simulation (ABSS) and shows its potential for modelling human behaviours in complex socio-technical systems that exhibit emergent phenomena. ABSS is strongly multi-disciplinary area drawing upon the domains of sociology, psychology and computer science (specifically distributed artificial intelligence).  The seminar covers different types of agents (e.g. model based, utility based) and some common architectures, such as belief-desire-intention. Using applications that have been developed in the areas of crisis and emergency management, and shared urban spaces (mixed autonomous vehicles and pedestrians in cities), I will show how aspects such as social attachment, norms, and other forms of cognition can be modelled and simulated.  

Human behaviour modelling and simulation – an agent-based approach

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