During the three years of the Doctoral Program the following training activities are mandatory.

  • The PhD student must obtain 6 CFU from one master-level course and 6 CFU from one master-level or bachelor-level course, after a final assessment. This could be done by doing an exam or a project arranged with the lecturer of the course, or by giving a seminar at the presence of the Reference Group.
  • The PhD student must obtain 18 CFU from ad-hoc courses (that is, advanced-level courses) and/or participation to workshops, tutorials, short courses, scientific seminars. Concerning advanced-level courses, 1 CFU corresponds to 25 hours of studying activity of the PhD student, including six hours of lecture and partial and final exams. If the advanced-level course already provides CFU assignment, then this formal assignment will be considered, independently from the above mentioned CFU/hours correspondence. Concerning workshops, tutorials, short courses, scientific seminars, PhD students will be assigned 0.1 CFU per hour of attendance. For ad-hoc courses, CFU are assigned by the lecturer of the course after a final assessment to be arranged with the PhD student and her/his supervisor, or by the Reference Group after the verification of acquired skills (for example, by means of a seminar or a project). The PhD student must give a seminar at the end of the year for any course for which a final assessment is not explicitly indicated. For other educational activities than ad-hoc courses, CFU accreditation can be either certified by the lecture of the educational activity by filling in this form, or via verification by the Reference Group.

For PhD students holding a PON studentship, or without a scholarship, or holding a working position, total amount of mandatory CFU for training activities is 10.

Bachelor-level courses, master-level courses and advanced-level courses to be added to the annual planned activity will be decided by the PhD student in agreement with her/his supervisor and the corresponding Reference Group. In order for the Doctoral Program Committee to approve the accreditation of CFU, the PhD student must obtain the authorization from the Reference Group.

PhD students holding also positions in companies can propose an alternative training activity which will be evaluated by the Reference Group and, after that, approved by the Doctoral Program Committee.

The list of advanced-level courses is divided for different curricula. However, a PhD student can also attend courses belonging to other curricula in order to gain mandatory CFU or for scientific interest. In the last case, the PhD student is not required to pass a final assessment.

PhD supervisors, Reference Groups members and Doctoral Program Committee can propose courses, graduate schools and seminars with advertisement on this section.

Last update: March 20, 2022.